Women composers – my databases!

Two lists as Download:
Women composers classical guitar solo, The list by Heike Matthiesen ( June 2020) – Sheet1
Women composers guitar concertos ( June 2020) – Sheet1

Solo. The List. Google Doc

New lists from 2022!!!!! Google Docs:

The bible: All women composers who have written for guitar solo, chamber music and guitar concertos

Duos with flute

Duos with violin

Duos with cello

Duos with piano     

Duos with oboe

Duos with voice

Duos with various instruments

Duos with high melody instrument

Duos with viola, clarinet etc

Duos with low instruments

Trios with guitar

Quartets with guitar

5 and more instruments with guitar

The PDFs for download:

violin and guitar duo     

voice and guitar

viola or clarinet etc with guitar

voice and guitar

piano and guitar

oboe and guitar

melody instrument duo with guitar

low instrument and guitar, duos

flute and guitar

chamber music with guitar, 5 and more instruments

cello and guitar

Women composers for classical guitar – the bible

trio with guitar

quartet with guitar

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